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In Art Club lore, the other bots met ESP-Y in the city hub, also known as the gallery, where they managed the city's creative libraries and business proceedings. To learn more about Art Club lore, click here.

In reality, ESP-Y serves as the business and activity manager of our community. They operate our entire activity score system and keeps track of all transactions between members. Beyond that, they manages all of the mini-games and events hosted by Art Club.

Without ESP-Y, the community would be a lot quieter.



ESP-Y is mainly built to calculate your overall activity score (pixels). ESP-Y rewards for every action.



Used to display your pixel balance in art and activity

Auction a piece of artwork to for other's to collect. Works with upload or media link.

Displays your collected pieces. Can type command with piece title or page number.

Bid on a piece to add to your collection. This also works by reaction role in auctions.

Collect a daily reward. This reward can increase based off daily streaks and perk roles.

View your daily statistics and who you have to catch up to!

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