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Help guide the next generation of artists.
Professional artists can register to be Mentors within our community and share their knowledge and experiences through educational events, channels, and workshops.
Art Club Mentor Perks:
  • Advertise your portfolios, socials, and courses.

  • Host educational events and AMAs.

  • Contribute to the Art Club Library.

  • Frequent social media highlights

  • Build a following.


Group 122.png

If you’re interested in giving direct advice to members on how to improve a piece, the Critiquer role is for you! These mentors provide 1 on 1 critiques in the Learning Lane and Library and give advice around the server.

Group 124.png

Tutors are mentors who focus on VC help. Whether joining existing chats to offer assistance or creating a separate “mentor help” VC, this role is a casual way to provide help to fellow Art Club members.

Group 121.png

Do you want to contribute to the Art Club Library? Teachers offer VC classes and tutorials that are stored in our Library for future members to reference.
Make a lasting impact on the community in this role!

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