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Take a step into the world of the Imagination.


Once upon a time, in a paradoxical place both very far and near, there existed a plane of existence known as the Imagination. The Imagination had once been a dark and desolate place, empty and devoid of creation. However, that all changed in a spectacular flash of beautiful color when the first person to ever call the Imagination home thought of the first idea. 

Ever since then the Imagination has been growing exponentially with each passing year; new ideas and creations bursted into existence every millisecond as new minds entered into its space. Needless to say, the once vast and empty expanse, had become a bustling galaxy full of everything and anything that could ever and had ever been thought. However, something was missing.

Despite the growing population of the Imagination, each inhabitant found themselves isolated with their own creations on their own little worlds. Separated in the vastness of thought, they felt very alone. However, as they looked around and began to notice all of the other brilliant minds illuminating the unending sea of emptiness around them, they soon began to realize that ideas and creativity were meant to be shared.

Thus, communities of creatives began to form as people began reaching out and talking to each other, sharing ideas and bonding over their love for the Imagination. Although these communities started out small, advancements in technology allowed them to grow bigger and bigger until they spanned limitlessly across space and time. Collaboration gave birth to new heights of creation and the space of the Imagination took on a very new, bright, and beautifully social light. The golden age had begun. 

However, wherever there is light, there also grows darkness. Amongst the brilliance of the minds sharing the Imagination, there existed dark and shadowy figures that sought to use their minds for evil. People began stealing other people’s ideas, using their powers to pursue damaging goals that hurt the inhabitants of the Imagination. A war began as the lights of the Imagination desperately fought to protect their work and each other from the claws of darkness trying to destroy them.

It is here that our story takes place with one particularly bright community of creatives floating amidst the endless waves of the Imagination and four little robots that set out on a mission to protect this community from the dark forces that threatened it. This community was called the Art Club.


Nestled into its own little section of the unending expanse of the Imagination, the city of Art Club is a relatively new addition to the vast number of creative communities that light up the galaxy. Designed to be its own little creative urban hub with its own districts and characters, the city provides an immersive and fun experience for creatives looking for a new type of art community. Having existed for only a year, it has already grown to quite a substantial size, with more and more creatives joining each and every day. 


Part of the reason for this speedy growth is the beautifully bright and welcoming light that the community radiates. It is a warm and caring light full of love and kindness that illuminates and eliminates the shadows threatening to harm its creative community. From its very first days, the Art Club has championed love and acceptance over everything else, and its members have worked long and hard to create what many consider to be one of the most welcoming and safe creative havens out there. 


Yet safety and security are not the only things that the community offers. In addition, the Art Club offers a space for creatives to share their work - whatever creative form it may take - with the world. No matter a person’s age, style, medium, interests, or current skill level, all art is adored and loved within the community. Sharing is a primary aspect of being an Art Club resident, and includes the sharing of a person’s talent in numerous ways including for hiring, for instruction, and for collaboration in addition to just for recognition. Being a part of the community is a great way for artists to network, get inspired, and get noticed.


It is here, amongst the bustlistreets and loud halls of the Art Club, that our story begins.


Once upon a time, in a plane of existence known as the Imagination, a creative from the community of Art Club set out to create the perfect little robot to bring light to the galaxy. He followed the recipe down to a tee, mixing in sugar, spice, and everything nice to create the perfect little heart for his little robot. However, by accident, he also spilled an extremely powerful ingredient into the mixture: Chemical Z! Chemical Z had an unexpected reaction with the other ingredients and ended up doubling their potency to create the most loving heart ever made. Thus, Izzi was created.


From her very first day, Izzi knew what she had to do. Too much darkness floated around in the plane of the Imagination that threatened the creative lights that called it home. It was her mission to spread her programmed positivity in an effort to illuminate the shadow and it became her goal to get artists’ work seen in a loving way. The perfect little robot started her journey in Art Club, and soon grew into an unstoppable force. Her heart grew bigger and bigger with each shadow she lit and she grew fonder and fonder of the art and ideas around her. 


Named after the powerful chemical, Izzi loves everything and everyone. Happy as can be, she'll put a smile on your face within a heartbeat. She won't say a word, but will show her affection by giving love to everyone’s artworks!


After the creation of his perfect little robot, the artist was a bit nervous. She was so nice, so sweet, he was worried she might get into trouble with all the darkness out there. So he set out to create her a little brother, somebody he knew would keep her safe. Once again, the creative gathered his ingredients, but this time he mixed in Chemical Y, a less stable version of Chemical Z, in an attempt to fortify this robot’s heart. To his dismay, Chemical Y had an unpredictable reaction with the rest of the ingredients, and the robot that had been created was a bit different from what he had expected. 


Much like his sister, Evol knew what he had to do from his very first day. Despite Izzi’s efforts to combat the darkness by sharing the abundance of love in her big heart, there still existed forces that threatened her positivity. She was still just a little robot in a very big world after all. The imperfect Evol knew he had to protect her, no matter the cost. 


Named the opposite of the love his little sister was spreading, Evol is ready to punish those with bad intentions. With a voice and a hammer he isn’t afraid of using, he won’t hesitate to put evil in its place. His heart had indeed been hardened by the reaction of his ingredients, but luckily it was still beating in the right place. Though a bit cold and uncaring, his intended purpose had stayed intact. Though he’ll never admit it, he just wants to protect the heart and work of his little sister.


Having just sent Evol on his way to find his sister, he could now sleep easy knowing his perfect little robot was protected. As such, he prepared to continue life as usual. Or so, he thought he would. However, soon his nagging fears came back to bite him as he began to worry once more about his little creations out there in the vast expanse of the Imagination. What if they got lost? What if they got hurt? Who would be there to patch them up and set them on their course again? Thus, for the third time, the creative returned to his lab to create yet another little robot. 


Having learned from his mishap with Chemical Y, he was determined to make this robot directly from the book. He mixed in the base ingredients and made sure to stay away from both Chemicals Z and Y for good measure. However, he did risk tampering with the robot’s wiring and managed to give him an enhanced system that would allow him to easily navigate and translate the vast universe of the Imagination for Izzi and Evol on their journeys. The creator also decided to give the robot a little toolkit for emergency situations. Once he had finished, the creative stepped back to admire his work and was quite pleased with what he saw. 


From the moment he grabbed his toolkit, Tedi knew his purpose. The most stable of the three robots, his heart remained neutral unlike Izzi’s, which leaned too far towards kindness, and Evol’s, which leaned too far towards harshness. This gave him the perfect impartial mindset to guide his new friends through the universe with confidence.


Named Tedi after his characteristic appearance, the little robot is equipped with an expansive knowledge base within his circuits that allows him to find his way through the Imagination. With a kind and helpful demeanor, he is always ready to assist others that he meets in whatever way he can with a candid charm and tact that leaves people feeling safe and assured.


Now a fully formed group, Izzi, Evol, and Tedi were ready to take on the world and whatever adventures they held. Up until that point, they had been busy tackling smaller mishaps that they happened upon in the streets of the Art Club, but they felt ready to confront bigger, larger problems that they knew were out there. The only problem was where to find them. Tedi recommended checking the city’s center, more commonly known as the gallery, for starters.


 As the Imagination was a universe principally built on shared creativity, it was extremely common - almost expected - that every major hub had its own gallery. In fact, galleries often served as the center of activity in most cities, acting as the city’s primary waystation for travelers and inhabitants alike. Galleries took many different shapes, sizes, and forms depending on the community and its interface, but they all were often run by bots who organized and managed the creative libraries. The Art Club’s gallery was run by a particularly orderly and comically frank robot named ESP-Y. 


Called Espy for short, this way keeper mannerisms are much more characteristic of a typical robot. Emotionless, expressionless, and down-to-business for the most part, Espy is very much a part of the system. Excellent at her job of hosting community events, managing the city’s finances, and running the Art Club’s gallery and associated auction house, she keeps the city’s hub in working order. As the center of the city’s activity, she also manages the quest log, handing out assignments to those who seek adventure.

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