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In Art Club lore, the other bots met Tedi on the road after their creator sent him to find them and ensure their safety. He is the most neutral of the group and helps the team find their way. To learn more about Art Club lore, click here.

In reality, Tedi serves as the handyman and guide of the community. He operates many of our commands that help members find information and navigate the server. Beyond that, he helps fill gaps while the staff team fixes issues.

Without Tedi, the community would be a lot harder to navigate.

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Tedi is mainly built to assist with the server building crew. He does a lot of tasks unseen.



The Art Club gathered resource library.

List of actions you can take while chatting with others.

Server map. A simple graphic that helps you understand the server layout.

A graphic of the monthly prompt list. The prompts are here to prompt a positive routine in art.

Pulls up a list of voice channel commands. This gives you full control of your own voice channel.

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