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You know you’re a pro, we want others to know too!
We recognize the unique position professional creatives have in the community with a custom role and unique perks.
Pro Artist Perks:
  • Invitations to participate in larger educational events.

  • Access to an exclusive gallery in the server.

  • Access to an exclusive chat in the server.

  • Access to exclusive events and activities.

  • Qualification for the mentorship program.

Styles and Disciplines

We recognize there are many different disciplines and creative fields, and we also understand that each artist has their own style. We accept applications from all disciplines and styles so long as the artist is able to demonstrate mastery over the basic art fundamentals relevant to their discipline. The emphasis is on proper execution.

See below for selection criteria.



We are looking for the demonstration of quantified or accredited professional experience in the discipline choice. The main ways to do this are:

  • Demonstrating at least one year at a verifiable company, studio, or agency (eg. Disney)

  • Demonstrating at least 5 years actively as a freelance artist either selling your art or completing contractual assignments.

If your portfolio is of high enough quality, we may also accept your application if you are:

  • Pursuing / in possession of an official degree in an artistic discipline.

  • Actively studying art with the intention of going professional.

We also do not count experience completed towards non-professional pursuits in our considerations. Only years put towards serious study or professional work may count.


A portfolio submission is required order to receive this role. Accepted portfolios include those hosted on personal websites, platforms (Behance, Artstation), or social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter). We do not encourage Google Drive submissions for portfolios.

Accepted portfolios are those that exhibit consistent quality that is comparable to known professionals within the specific discipline across at least 15 pieces.


Professional artist candidates are expected to act in a professional manner while engaging in Art Club. Candidates for the professional role should be presentable, follow all of the server rules, and adhere to Discord ToS. Rule breaches or inappropriate behavior may affect the outcome of an application, and may result in the loss of the role if demonstrated after acceptance.


To help you put into reference what may and may not qualify, here a few common examples.

  1. Having mastery over one fundamental (color) but needing more development at another fundamental (anatomy) will not qualify you for the role

  2. Having a portfolio consisting of 20 pieces of varying disciplines and qualities will not qualify you for the role (aim for consistency).

  3. Having a portfolio consisting of 5 pieces of high-quality art will not qualify you for the role (need to see more output)

  4. Having any of the above levels of experience but having a portfolio that is subpar compared to industry standards will not qualify you for the role. 

  5. Meeting all of the experience and portfolio requirements but engaging in intensity or offensive behavior in our server will disqualify you for the role.

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