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The Staff Team is at the heart of Art Club’s
behind-the-scenes operations.


Art Club is always on the lookout for committed members to join our staff. We have ambitious plans for the community, and more hands on deck will help make those dreams a reality!

Guardian Team

General staff members assist in the moderation and oversight of the community. We are looking for active and mature members with good people skills to help assist members in needs, implement community changes, and help keep the community a safe and welcoming space. If you are interested in gaining experience moderating or have experience in customer service/retail, this is the role for you!


You are only able to join the Guardian Team through the Assistants Program. You can learn more about that program here.

Ambassador Team

Community engagement and happiness is one of Art Club priorities, and we are always looking for new Ambassadors to help us come up with cool events, keep chats active, and represent the community online and outside of Art Club. If you are currently an active member who wants to contribute more to the community through engagement, this is the role for you!

Social Media Team

We are looking for diligent creatives who are familiar with social media to assist in maintaining Art Club's presence across the web on various social media platforms. This includes content creation and posting, audience engagement, and keeping the accounts organized. If you have experience or are looking for experience as a social media manager or assistant, this would be the perfect role for you!

Design Team

As a creative server, Art Club prides itself on its unique and ever-changing graphics both within and outside of the server. However, graphics take time and resources to create, so we are looking for diligent designers and artists seeking more experience to help us cover all of our design bases. If you have experience with design or are looking to strengthen your skills, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so!

Builder Team

Art Club is home to a multitude of unique services and bots, but these take time and resources to develop. We are currently working on a range of development projects that continue to push the server forward within the Discord community. If you have experience experimenting and developing with code and would like to be on the cutting-edge of Discord functionality and features, then this is the right opportunity for you!

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